“Great work submitted to The Consultation every time, and always on time. The research that went into every article was obvious and her attention to detail was always appreciated. Always a pleasant attitude, and there’s clearly a strong work ethic owned. A professional through and through. Highly recommended!”
Tim Webber, Managing Editor from The Consultation, Janalta Interactive Inc.
“Fantastic work, reliable and speedy. Highly recommended.”
Eleanor Hartley, Cosme Collective: Independent Cosmetic Advisory

Expert cosmetic surgery and skincare writer

I am an experienced beauty content writer who specialises in cosmetic surgery, skincare and aesthetic treatments. Ten years of clinical experience as a skin therapist and cosmetic surgery adviser adds an extra dimension to my content – it is truly original. I am also in the unique position to write about cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments from both a personal and professional perspective.

All my content is well researched and incorporates SEO in order to increase traffic to your site. My background in sales allows me to write informatively, yet persuasively, adopting the voice of your brand.

I have a degree in English Literature and I am currently studying Freelance and Feature Writing at the London College of Journalism.