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Review of Heliocare 360 Mineral Fluid Sunscreen spf 50

Yes you do need to wear sunscreen in winter or on a cloudy day Most of my clients take absolutely no notice when I tell them to wear sunscreen all year round. They glaze over…

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Cleansing Tips: My Top Ten. How dirty is your skin?

I have a few badly behaved clients who underestimate the importance of thorough cleansing, despite my nagging. Stale make-up and pollution stretch and block the pores overnight, and then your expensive skincare products just can’t…

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Low-Fat Diets: bad for your skin and your waistline?

Abandon your low-fat diet immediately – it might kill you! A recent study sensationally contradicted years of dietary wisdom: low-fat diets have a 23% higher risk of death compared to  high-fat diets. How is this possible?…

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