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Sometimes you just need some quick and easy tips. I’ve summarised the latest anti-aging and skincare news in the following tips.


Which is the best anti-aging cream? This is my client’s favourite question. They don’t want to hear the answer though: boring unglamorous sunscreen. They roll their eyes and call me a nag. In reality there…

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Rosacea: Ten tips on how to live with it

  What causes rosacea? and do you need some help looking after your skin? The most common complaint that I see in my skincare clinic is either rosacea or adult acne. I have a special…

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Anti-aging eye tips by a beauty therapist

My clients always want to know how to make their eyes look younger. Here are my top ten tips. 1. Stop over plucking your eyebrows! Most of my clients over-plucked in the 60’s and prematurely…

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Cleansing Tips: My Top Ten. How dirty is your skin?

I have a few badly behaved clients who underestimate the importance of thorough cleansing, despite my nagging. Stale make-up and pollution stretch and block the pores overnight, and then your expensive skincare products just can’t…

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