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Skincare is my passion. Concerned with adult acne or rosacea? I am! Read on for the latest skincare innovations. 

Cleansing oils: Have you tried one yet?

My discovery of cleansing oils So you know the story. When my oily skin become perimenopausal, it started to feel tight after cleansing. I did some research: most facial washes are pH balanced or even…

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Cleansing Oil Review: Medik8

  What is it? Cleanser/make-up remover Who is it for?  Make-up wearers All skin types, including sensitive skin. Brand Summary Medik8 are one of the few cosmeceuticals to offer a cleansing oil, so I was…

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Pha Exfoliation: Review of Neostrata Bionic Cream

Claim Neostrata Bionic Cream (Pha 12%)  forms part of the Restore range which provides ‘powerful anti-ageing benefits for sensitive skin’. Do I use it in my salon? It is so gentle that I use it…

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Skinceuticals Blemish + Age Defense Serum Review

My 45-year old oily skin has started to dry up a bit with age, but I still get a few annoying spots along my jawline and my eyebrows. Teenage acne is easier to treat because…

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Nine causes of adult acne

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Blame hormones for adult acne Apart from rosacea, the most common concern for both myself and for my clients is adult acne. Blame hormones for the deep spots that crop up all…

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Which is the best anti-aging cream? This is my client’s favourite question. They don’t want to hear the answer though: boring unglamorous sunscreen. They roll their eyes and call me a nag. In reality there…

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Rosacea: Ten tips on how to live with it [UPDATED]

Do you suffer from rosacea? What causes rosacea? and do you need some help looking after your skin? The most common complaint that I see in my skincare clinic is either rosacea or adult acne.…

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Winter Skin: How to protect your skin over the winter

As the temperature drops, my clients are starting to complain about ‘winter skin’. If your skin has become red, tight or dull, then it’s time to upgrade your protection from the elements. Central heating, cold,…

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