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As a beauty therapist, I love solving my client’s skincare concerns, whether they have adult acne, rosacea or premature ageing. So after fifteen years in the beauty industry, I have decided to share my beauty secrets. This blog is for anyone who is struggling with their skin and needs some advice. 

My obsession with skincare started in 1992 when I lived opposite a beauty therapist at University; she was studying occupational therapy, whilst I was studying English Literature. She introduced me to the anti-ageing power of UVA sunblock and I have worn some every day since then. 

Here is a photo of my bare skin. I have an oily, spot-prone skin, which is not quite as oily now I am in my forties. The acne is under control thanks to two courses of Roaccutane and isotrexin gel. In some ways it is sensitive: I have a thin skin with slight redness on my inner cheeks and I suffered from hives for many years. However, I rarely react to products and the texture is typical of an oily skin: coarse with open pores. Tell me about your skin.